All the most common mistakes to avoid when coming to Boston to make the most of the trip:

1. Just following the “Freedom Trail”

The Freedom Trail is this 4 km red line drawn on the sidewalk in the center of Boston, which starts in Boston Common opposite the tourist office and ends after a climb of 300 steps, in the Bunker Hill obelisk. Everyone recommends it, and I recommend it too, it's the "fast track" to discovering Boston in half a day. In short, it's the easy solution when you don't know what to do, and it will show you all the beautiful buildings in the city, simply, without thinking too much. Don't expect tons of explanations along the route, but on the other hand often a lot of people, especially on a summer Saturday.

2. Travel in Luxury Limousines

Limos are perfect for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, proms, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, graduations, concerts, and sporting events. What's more? They also work for business meetings, conferences, and corporate events. To sum it up, Luxury limousines are perfect for getting away from the daily grind and having a memorable experience.

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3. Only Staying One Day in Boston

We sometimes don't have much choice, and we squeeze the visit to Boston into a single day. I sometimes see visitors who spend 10 days in New York and come to Boston for a single day… regretfully afterward. The consequence of an express passage: we hurry with a busy program, Freedom Trail type in the morning, Harvard in the afternoon, and possibly a drink in the evening near the Quincy Market. Will we keep a lasting memory of Boston? I think that we will especially keep a feeling of being too quickly seen.

4. Ignoring the Weather

The 4 seasons are very marked in Boston  – that said, I reread this article when it was 17°C on February 5th… which is unusual.

  • To make it quick:
  • winter is long, cold, and most often covered in snow,
  • spring is short (late April-mid-May) and nature explodes with all the colors,
  • summer is hot and humid - don't be fooled by the 25°C, when it's humid above, the temperature felt is often stifling,
  • and fall, though beautiful, is unpredictable.

What is surprising is the variability of the weather in a single week, or even in a single day – significant temperature range, weather that goes from hail to thunderstorm, followed by scorching heat in summer, for example.

But rest assured, despite these extremes, there are on average 200 days of sunshine in Boston per year – it's 50 in Paris.

5. Avoid Bad Eating Habits

Clichés die hard and the most persistent for the United States is the following: “What are we eating badly/fatty/too much! It's true… in part! You can gorge yourself on burgers and sodas, hot dogs and bland beer, gigantic cupcakes, and super-chemical candies.

But, you can also eat healthy, creative and original, vegetarian, light, and above all international. Just search a little bit.

6. Only Walking in Boston

Americans like to say that Boston is the most “walkable” city in the United States. And it's true… if you live in the center – Fenway, Back Bay, South End, downtown, Seaport: you can walk to pretty much everywhere.

7. Going Only to Harvard… and Skipping MIT

Boston is the American city of universities… even if technically the most famous is on the other side of the river: in Cambridge! (not to be confused with its British version) We often have images of Harvard in mind that we fantasize about as a Harry Potter school.

8. Believing That You Can “Do” New England in 3 Days

I talk to many travelers during my guided tours and I receive a lot of questions via the blog about visiting New England in 2 days, sometimes 3. I say no a thousand times: it would be like believing that we can "do" Normandy, Brittany, Vendée, and the Pays de la Loire in 3 days.

But I understand that, alas, we cannot take 3 weeks of vacation for each trip, and that we have to make choices.

New England is certainly 6 small American states – much smaller than the giants like California, Texas, or Alaska, but it is rich in landscapes, museums, walks, and small villages.

9. Thinking You’ll See a Bear, a Moose, and a Beaver on Your First Nature Outing

There are always these stories of the traveler who sees wild animals in freedom at the slightest exit. In my case, I see chipmunks – the little striped-back squirrels – almost every time. For the rest, it took patience and organization.

10. Believing That All of New England Is Alike

That was my first impression: it's green, full of hills, and with a country store in the middle of every little village square. And it's still falling with its spectacular colors. People vote Democrat, do yoga, support the Red Sox, never get cold in the winter and all know how to cook lobster.

It is an ideal description of the region, which, despite appearances, has more specificities than it seems.